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What Every Gamer Needs To Know About The New Farming Simulator


Farming Simulator has always been one of the most favorite games online. There have been so many updates and changes done in this game, but just last year, the Farming Simulator took a huge leap and had a complete overhaul. It had made a massive change in its graphics engine which is why it is considered as one of the games with the best immersive and attractive visual effects.

New Features Of Farming Simulator 19

Compared to the older versions, specifically the 15th and 17th, there are so many changes and modifications made. If you want to know what’s new with the Farming Simulator 19 download, then here are some of the most important information for you.

  • Combine Multiple Machines. This feature is already present in the previous installments, where the player can combine multiple machines and make it work as one. But this time, you can mix match machines that you can get from different brands and also use this to create constructions.
  • Game Engine. With the new Farming Simulator, there are improved graphics and animations. It uses new physics and the control of vehicles is now easier, a lot realistic, and complex.
  • Improved Game Dynamics. With the new version, you don’t have to start with small steps to cultivate your half a hectare of field. There will be more advanced and multi-purpose machines that can help you generate yields faster.

Farming Simulator 19 download

  • More Realistic Gameplay. If you wish to download the new Farming Simulator 19, you can visit this site, https://install-game.com/farming-simulator-19-download/, if you want to see how realistic the new version is. The game will introduce you to the elements that you have not seen in the previous installment. Here, there will be weeds in the field that you need to weed and maintain. There will also be lime that will maintain the quality of the soil. This is also needed for the creation of new fields. You will experience problems with your vehicles as well as with high levels of wear.
  • New Machines. The new Farming Simulator 19 has new vehicles that equal to the number of machines from the previous versions as well as the DLCs. The game also includes brands like John Deere, Case IH, AGCO, Stara, KUHN, Ropa, and a lot more. In the new installment, there are a total of 102 brands of tractors, equipment, and harvesters for you to use.
  • New Crops And Livestock. With the new installment, there will be an additional three new plants to be added to your choices. They are rye, cotton, as well as sugar cane. The plants from the previous installments will still be there. Aside from new plants, there will also be additional livestock like horses for animal husbandry.
  • New Buildings. This new version will not provide you predefined locations anymore. You can decide where you want to place everything on your farm. You can build it like you want to.

Now that you know everything about “What’s New” with Farming Simulator 19, for sure you can’t wait to download the game and start your digital farming experience. Now that you can download the game for free, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it today!