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What values the game of rugby teach us?

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Rugby is a collective feeling, a sense of belonging to the group. There is nobility, sacrifice for the team, respect for the opponent and for the referee (very rarely you will see a player protest), assumption of responsibilities.

This is a sport in which it is impossible to win alone. You have to pass the ball a lot, constantly give the spotlight to your teammates for the benefit of the team. Each player has a function, all are important. Click here for Rugby gear hong kong.

The partner is respected and valued

There is great solidarity. Where you do not arrive, I arrive. I assume my responsibility and support you to assume yours. It is almost impossible to see teammates recriminating game actions.

The opposite team is respected

The myth of the third time, that after the game both teams are going to have a few beers together, is true. In addition, there are very few disrespectful or offensive actions with the opposite team, and when this happens, nobody justifies it, and the punishments are exemplary. Visit this site for buy Rugby Jerseys hong kong.

And of course, respect for the referee is sacred. 

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In such a physical and exhausting sport, you fight to exhaustion for the team. The image of 130 kilos players with an open head pushing and bending to the limit of their forces defines the concept of sacrifice. 

Emotional management

The players, subjected to loads and blows, must control fear and aggressiveness and put their brain in motion to get the best of themselves. In addition, many times these emotions are used as a lever to pursue the objective, contrary to what happens in the business world, where we are constantly told that emotions have no place. 


The national team of New Zealand, achieved in 2013 what no one had ever achieved. They finished the year undefeated, winning all the matches played. Its captain, flanker Richie McCaw, is a world star, for some the best player in history. After the last game of that year, won in Ireland in the last seconds, the Irish driver entered the All Blacks locker room. McCaw and other great stars were found cleaning the locker room and sweeping.


I challenge anyone to tell me that they don’t feel motivated after seeing the traditional Haka that the All Blacks run before each game. Also, play where you play, the rival audience offers silence and the opposing team respectfully contemplates it. Imagine being able to do something like that before an important meeting. 

Continuous improvement

When a team wins 89-6 nobody relaxes, out of respect for the opposing team and for continuing to improve. Even when things are going well, work and learning continue to be perfected.